Austin Child Custody Attorney

Raising a child with another person involves a lifelong commitment. Even if you and your child's co-parent are no longer in a relationship, you still need to be able to work together for the sake of your child. Reaching an agreement that allows you both to remain as active and involved parents takes time, and it is important that you understand the steps that you need to take to ensure that your parental rights are protected.

At The Law Office of Jennifer R. Cochran P.C., our experienced family law attorney, Jennifer Cochran, is committed to helping you and your child's co-parent discuss matters concerning child custody. She will approach your case with the care and concern that it deserves, allowing you to feel confident that you have a skilled attorney on your side as you go through this difficult process.

Focusing On What Is Best For Your Child

This is an emotional time in your life, and you might feel like you have no choice but to accept a bad agreement, just so that you are still allowed to spend time with your children. You should know that this is not the case. You have options, and Jennifer will work together with you to learn what is best in your situation. She can help with a number of different custody matters, including:

  • Reaching your initial child custody or parenting plan agreements
  • Modifying your existing custody or possession schedules
  • Contesting or applying for the relocation of your child

Many parents are unable to develop a custody agreement or parenting plan on their own. If your case heads into the courtroom, Jennifer will explain to the judge why your plan should prevail. She stands ready to help you present a compelling case as to why you should be awarded custody or more time with your child.

Discuss Your Child Custody Concerns With An Experienced Professional

Jennifer will provide you with the detailed information you need to find a solution that is in your child's best interests. Call 512-870-8187 or email our firm to schedule an appointment with an Austin lawyer committed to helping your family.