Parent Coordinating And Facilitating

If you and your spouse are locked in a bitter child custody dispute, you know that it is often impossible to come to an agreement on even small issues. While this is a very important discussion, it is essential that you are able to remain focused on the actual problems that need to be addressed. Many couples become sidetracked by the emotions that arise during this process, adding to the time that it takes to solve custody and visitation concerns.

While mediation is one method of alternative dispute resolution that couples often use when they are involved in contentious custody disputes, there are other options that are available to them as well. At The Law Office of Jennifer R. Cochran P.C., our family law attorney, Jennifer Cochran, will use her experience in parent coordination and facilitation to help you resolve your differences and reach an agreement that is in the best interests of your child.

Is Parent Coordination or Parent Facilitation Right For You?

A parent coordinator or facilitator is either appointed by the courts or selected by the parties to address the underlying issues of conflict. In some situations, a parent facilitator will be called upon by the court to offer testimony concerning the best interests of the child. This testimony is often used by judges to determine the appropriate custody and possession schedule.

If you feel that you and your spouse or partner could benefit from parent coordination or facilitation services, it is important that you find someone experienced at discussing the issues that arise in these matters. Our lawyer, Jennifer Cochran, is qualified to serve as either a parent coordinator or facilitator. She understands the serious issues that are present in such disputes, and she will give you and the courts an honest and fair evaluation of your situation.

Focused On A More Positive Future

Learning how to communicate is an essential part of this process. Jennifer is committed to helping your family find an agreement that works. To learn more about parent coordination and facilitation services, call 512-870-8187 or send the firm an email to schedule an appointment with our attorney.